about yoga

Yoga first came to light over 5000 years ago and the purpose of it was, and for many, still is, to enable the practitioner to sit comfortably for hours in meditation. This was achieved through the practice of asanas (postures) which open up your joints and work on your strength, flexibility and balance, and through the use of pranayama (breath control).

Yoga is still being practiced for a reason – it works!

Over the years, especially in the Western world, the practice is often undertaken for the physical aspect but for many the emotional benefits become just as important.

Yoga has the ability to teach you about yourself on a mental, emotional and physical level; it can make you pause and take stock, which for some is enough to make subtle but positive changes, but for others it’s a much more profound connection with something deeper within.

Yoga means different things to different people. Whether you just love to follow the practice for the physical benefits or you feel changes on the mat reflect changes in your life, remember the practice is yours and only yours. Come to each class like it’s your first time on a mat and practice without attachment to the asanas - keep it fun!