For many yoga is an escape from the daily grind. A time to focus on you and only you.
If you practice regularly you will see development quickly and with time will be amazed at your progress. Apart from increased strength and flexibility, you may notice you are more aware of your breathing, your posture is improved and you feel calmer and more content.

Ujjayi breathing, known as victorious breath,
is a specialised breathing technique which quietens the mind, creates heat in the body and lengthens the breath, therefore slowing the heart rate calming the nervous system. Keeping the nervous system in a state of harmony allows you to focus on the present, because if the nervous system is agitated, so are we.

Different parts of the practice offer different benefits:
  • Builds heat and flexibility
  • Strengthens and improves balance in the legs
  • Brings awareness of alignment without worrying about balance
Forward bends
  • Relieves stress and reduces fatigue
  • Improves digestion
  • Restorative
  • Organs are gently squeezed which removes toxins and allows fresh nutrients and oxygen back into the blood stream
  • Improves digestion
Back bending
  • Works the spinal column and nervous system
  • Re-energises the body
(upside down postures, i.e. headstand)
  • Quietens the mind
  • Re-energises the body
  • Draws blood back to the brain and upper body benefiting the circulatory system
  • Stimulates the lymphatic system, therefore improving the immune system
  • Allows the body full rest
  • Proper savasana leaves the body and mind restored