Backbends - friend or foe?

This 2 hour workshop will specifically be looking at Urdhva Dhanurasana aka Full Wheel. ‘My nemesis!’, we hear some of you cry.

Urdhva Dhanurasana, full wheel, backbend

The workshop is about understanding and breaking down the pose to ensure it is being practised safely. During the workshop we will be looking at 3 physical components that we need to consider to conquer Full Wheel. The practice will focus on these components to open up and prepare the body for this apex posture.

From an emotional point of view there is an element of both trust and surrender in backbends. They can feel unfamiliar in the beginning so it is normal to experience some resistance but by being present with how both the body and mind feels as you move through your backbend practice, this resistance eventually eases. Remember that there is no rush, just a matter of being patient and of course regular practice. So come, breathe deeply and prepare to be energised and uplifted!

Suitable for beginners to those that have a strong backbend practice. There is always something new to learn and options to explore.

Date: Saturday 17th September
Time: 10am-12pm
Location: Addlestone Community Centre
Price: £18 before 31 July, £20 thereafter. Spaces are limited! No refunds after 31 August
Contact: to book