Cacao Nutty Protein Balls (and activating nuts)

Morning inspiration..... A bit of a concoction so measurements are approximate!

6-8 Medjool dates
3 tbsp organic peanut butter
Couple of handfuls of activated nuts (walnuts, almonds, cashews & pumpkin seeds)
Coconut oil
2 tbsp raw cacao powder
3 tbsp protein powder
Desiccated coconut to roll them in

So, activated nuts. I was introduced to this through Sarah Wilson, the I Quit Sugar author. What does this mean and what are the benefits? Well, it is a rather laborious process, not difficult, just long; and on further reading different nuts require different soaking, different amounts of salt and varied drying times so definitely read up! Basically the nuts are soaked overnight in salted water then dehydrated in the oven on the lowest heat on no more than 65 degrees. The reason for doing this is to increase the nutrient value of the nuts and to break down phytic acid and enzymes (found in raw nuts), which inhibit the absorption of these nutrients. Plus - apparently it keeps us younger for longer. Yey! 

So if you enjoy eating large amounts of raw nuts, it is definitely worth activating them to avoid digestive issues such as bloating and heaviness, plus they are heavenly! I found these articles useful:,27474

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